Spider-Man sequel announced for Independence Day 2019

Yesterday the SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING trailer dropped and there was much rejoicing in the form of street dances, balloon-releasing, and a couple of riot fires. What can I say? People like to celebrate in their own way. Anyway, it seems Marvel has so much confidence in the new addition to the MCU that they’ve already gone and done announced a sequel before HOMECOMING has even come out.

Deadline got the scoop that Marvel is already planning another installment in the adventures of Spidey/Peter Parker (Tom Holland), and have selected the date of July 5, 2019 as their release. This will come almost exactly two years after the release of the upcoming film, which will hit July 7 of next year.

However, this announced sequel moves into the territory of another movie set to come out the same day that summer—BAD BOYS 4. Sony had originally set aside the date for the follow-up to the upcoming BAD BOYS 3, but will now bump it up to Memorial Day weekend for a May 24, 2019 release. Spidey still has competition, though, as Universal has a planned Illumination movie slated for then, while BOYS 4 will deal with the planned MINECRAFT movie from Warner Bros.

I like many was a fan of the HOMECOMING trailer, and clearly Marvel discovered the rest of the world was as well. Marvel has also been known to plan out their movies well enough in advance, so I’m not surprised they decided to make the move. My only hope is that HOMECOMING is as great as it looks so Marvel isn’t caught looking like fools. If they are they won’t be allowed back at the cool table anymore with the other popular studios, which is basically like social movie studio suicide.

SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING is set for July 7.

Source: Deadline



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