Stephen King put a red balloon in his window to promote It

The IT movie is only a week away, and word is the movie is a horrific delight and filled with fantastic performances. The trailers have been selling the terror, and already the box office projections are hinting at a blockbuster-sized opening. There’s really nothing more this movie could new to promote itself because it seems the entire world is already on board. But leave it to the book’s author, Stephen King, to market the movie in the creepiest, King way possible.

Several news outlets across Maine, including ABC affiliate WMTW 8, have noticed that King (or something more…sinister) has placed a red balloon by the window in his home in Bangor, Maine; a clear reference to the upcoming movie. King has not made a comment on the balloon, instead just leaving it there to ominously float along. See for yourself in the video below!

King could be leaving it there until the premiere of the movie as one last bit of viral marketing, which at this point would simply add to the massive numbers it’s expecting to pull in. Initial projections for the movie’s opening weekend hovered around $50 million, but word is that number has ballooned to around $60-70 million. That would make it the largest opening ever for a horror film, and given a relatively slow September could give it room to break all kinds of records.

King is pulling a very sneaky and creepy move here with the balloon thing, and it’s practically perfect. Subtle, kind of eerie, and a perfect way to get people excited for the film – if they weren’t already. Or maybe this is a cry for help. Perhaps Stephen King is in trouble and this is a sign. Are you in trouble, sir? One balloon for no, two balloons for yes.

IT arrives September 8.

Source: WMTW 8EW



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