Steve Carell flips Conviction from action drama to action comedy

Life after The Office isn’t so bad for Steve Carell, as he seems to be starring in new films left and right. His next will be BURT WONDERSTONE opposite Jim Carrey, but now he’s got one lined up after that.

CONVICTION was a script from the Black List a few years ago (the list of Hollywood’s best unpublished screenplays), but Warner Bros. bought it for a feature.

The film follows a bank robber in jail for five years, forced to entrap his protégé by the FBI as he tries to pull off a big heist. Yes, the script was originally a drama, but with Carell onboard, the studio is looking to turn it into a comedy. It could work, a-la-48 HOURS, even if the original product was supposed to resemble HEAT.

The question is who might play the young accomplice that Carell is trying to entrap? A comedian (skinny Jonah Hill maybe?) or an actor looking to expand their comedic horizons (Ryan Gosling did so in CRAZY STUPID LOVE with Carell a bit ago). Who might Carell have chemistry with?

Extra Tidbit: Cool plot, but I predict the mentor and the protégé secretly pull off the job together, fooling the FBI and getting away clean.
Source: Deadline



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