Steven Knight set to pen World War Z sequel starring Brad Pitt

Take a knee everyone; here is a much needed update with the planned WORLD WAR Z sequel. The last update we had for you was that J.A. Bayona was attached to direct; now we know that Steven Knight has been tapped to pen the script. Brad Pitt returns for a story that is still under wraps, but if you have seen the first film or read the Max Brooks novel, you could assume it will continue from them.

Coincidentally it was almost two months ago we told you that Pitt may star in a World War II-era film also written by Knight. Knight's latest gig was serving as both the writer and director on LOCKE starring Tom Hardy. I didn't get a chance to catch it yet but have heard nothing but amazing things. What say you guys?

We will keep posted on any WORLD WAR Z sequel news; in the meantime here’s the trailer for the first flick because it's awesome.

Extra Tidbit: WWZ reunited Brad Pitt with David Morse from Twelve Monkeys although they didn't share a scene together.
Source: Variety



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