Straight Outta Compton's Dr. Dre to front 24: Legacy

Yeah, so it's not the real Dr. Dre who'll be starring in Fox's relaunch of the 24 franchise with their LEGACY series. He ain't got time for that. He's too busy counting his money from that whole Beats sale. But the star of the show once played Dr. Dre in a movie once, so it's close enough. 

Corey Hawkins, who played Dr. Dre in STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON, has been tapped to front 24: LEGACY, starring as Army Ranger Eric Carter. After turning his life around with military service following a rough upbringing, Carter must team with CTU in order to combat a terrorist plot that is threatening his well-being.

Hawkins also has a recurring role on THE WALKING DEAD as Heath, so it'll be interesting to see if he'll be involved on both series if 24: LEGACY receives a series order from Fox. Right now, they are just heading to a pilot in order to see if the same concept with new characters will work.



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