Sue & Johnny Storm take flight in this international Fantastic Four trailer

Fantastic Four Josh Trank Michael B. Jordan Kate Mara Miles Teller Jamie Bell

FOX has released an international FANTASTIC FOUR trailer, and while there isn't a ton of new stuff, it does feature footage of Michael B. Jordan's Johnny Storm/Human Torch and Kate Mara's Sue Storm/Invisible Woman using their powers. We're just a little over four months away from the release of the Josh Trank-directed reboot, so hopefully we'll be getting a better look at the duo in action (as well as the rest of the FF members) in an upcoming trailer.

Take a look:

I've actually warmed up to FANTASTIC FOUR a bit, however Toby Kebbell's Doom being an angry blogger still rubs me the wrong way. But I loved Josh Trank's CHRONICLE, and although some fans aren't happy with the casting for the film, I'm very excited to see the actors' takes on the comic book characters.

FANTASTIC FOUR is set to open on August 7, 2015.

Fantastic Four Josh Trank Kate Mara Miles Teller Michael B. Jordan Jamie Bell Poster

Source: FOX



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