Superman writers out?!

In a surprising move, writers Dan Harris and Michael Dougherty - who have worked with Bryan Singer since X2 - will not return to write SUPERMAN: MAN OF STEEL. In fact, Variety is reporting that the reason for their departure is because the studio is looking to do a SUPERMAN reboot, similar to what Marvel is doing with THE INCREDIBLE HULK. Specifically, they would like MAN OF STEEL to operate "as if the previous pic never happened." On the record, Warner Bros. denies this claim saying MAN OF STEEL would be a sequel and points to the fact that Brandon Routh will again play Supes. The studio is now actively courting pitches for MAN OF STEEL so if you're a young, aspiring writer, get your Bryan Singer pitch ready! Dougherty and Harris had been talking in recent months as if they would return, even confirming the appearance of two main villains. Dougherty has been working on his horror flick TRICK 'R TREAT at Warner Bros. and perhaps it's a falling out over that film that started the rift? The MAN OF STEEL speed bump comes as the studio is also figuring out how to deal with Superman in the upcoming JUSTICE LEAGUE movie. So let's say you've got 2 minutes with Bryan Singer - what's your pitch?

Extra Tidbit: Harris is working on the script for I, LUCIFER for Daniel Craig.
Source: Variety



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