Sylvester Stallone joins Antoine Fuqua's TV adaption of Mario Puzo's Omerta

Sylvester Stallone

For those of you waiting for Sylvester Stallone to put his drawl to good use, it looks like he's going to get his chance on smaller screens. Antoine Fuqua is heading up a TV series adaptation of Mario Puzo's "Omerta," which is the last book in his Mafia Trilogy behind "The Godfather" and "The Last Don". A network has yet to pick up the series, but with Fuqua at the helm and Stallone starring, it's only a matter of time before someone jumps in on this Mafia tale.

Stallone certainly seems to want his hand in the TV realm somewhere, and while his produced show (Strong anyone?) hasn't really made a dent, it looks like Omerta will be the ticket. My only hope is that whatever network this lands on, they'll give Fuqua and Stallone plenty of breathing room for artistic vision. I'm not saying I want a Deadwood-level of swearing from Stallone...actually, no, I would love that! In either case, it'll be great to see Sly to deliver more on the dramatic front, as we all know he can.

Omerta is looking to film early this summer.



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