Technology is evil, Jessica Alba's nudity in Machete was CGI

Sure, CGI has brought dinosaurs and aliens and ancient civilization to life, but now it's being employed for more devious purposes.

It's come to light that during Jessica Alba's rather excellent partially nude scene during MACHETE, she wasn't actually naked at all. Rather, she was wearing underwear that was digitally replaced with skin after the fact. See below:

I suppose it makes her technically not a hypocrite for saying "No, I’ll never do a nude scene. I can act sexy and wear sexy clothes but I can’t go naked" in the past, but it is worrisome for future movie nude scenes. How are we to know what's real and what's CGI if this becomes the norm when the technology is sufficiently advanced?

Furthermore, I don't even understand this. If the end result is her APPEARING naked through this tech, which almost no one would have caught as being illegitimate in the two seconds this shot appeared in the film, why wasn't she just naked in the first place? The only thing I can think of is her not wanting to be naked on set (though in this case, nothing was actually shown, and she could have been wearing protective pasties or something), or so she can just be secure in her own mind that she's never done a nude scene, even if the entire world thinks she has. Both of these reasons are stupid.

What do you make of this?

Extra Tidbit: And those were NOT Lindsay Lohan's boobs either. Shame on you Robert Rodriguez.
Source: Daily Mail



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