The 14th Annual Golden Schmoes (aka the JoBlo.com Movie Awards) are coming!

The 2014 movie award season is now underway, which means the 14th Annual JoBlo.com Movie Awards (aka The Golden Schmoes) are gearing up to join the race. What's unique about the Golden Schmoes is that YOU get to choose the nominees and YOU choose all of the winners by casting your vote. For those experiencing the Golden Schmoes for the first time CLICK HERE for our FAQ and HERE to see what it's all about.

Right now, you can start chiming in on some great movies/performances of the year in the COMMENTS SECTION below (of course you'll need to be a registered member of Movie Fan Central to do so). Since it's easy to forget some of the better or overlooked performances, movies, etc. from the past year, this is your way of bringing those to light. The nominations process will take place during the final two weeks of January (Again, you must be a  registered member of Movie Fan Central in order to nominate your favorites) and the final voting will take place in February on the official site (ANYONE can vote for these). See the past winners/nominees below, along with a visual of all the FAVORITE MOVIE winners since the beginning.

Now's the time to catch up on all the flicks you may have missed, tally those lists, and prepare to nominate the flicks that you think are the best of the past year. It's all up to you!

Chime in below with your favorite performances and films of 2014!

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