The 2013 JoBlo.com Halloween Costume Contest winner! Plus, all the awesome submissions! Now, you vote!

The results are in!

The 2nd Annual JoBlo.com Halloween Costume Contest was an overwhelming success this year with a TON of entries from all over the place! I would venture to say that we have the most fanatical Halloween movie site audience out there as you guys went above and beyond with your entries this year. I mean, seriously, you did NOT make it easy to choose a winner and deserve your kudos for that. Some of our favorites were Zombie soldier, Two-Face, Bizarro, Gangster Skullfaces, Ichabod Crane, Terminator 2, The Crow, and many more! However, we had to select one winner and after much deliberation, we have selected:

Jack and Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas from Raymond Hamlin!

Congratulations, Raymond!
You will be awarded an awesome JoBlo.com-related T-shirt of your choosing along with a $50 gift card from Amazon.com! (Check your e-mail later today!)

But, THAT'S NOT ALL, folks!

Since there were so many awesome entries this year, we're also offering an ADDITIONAL PRIZE PACK, but this time the winner will be chosen BY YOU! That's right, folks, the choice is yours, so scroll below and take a look at all the terrific entries and let us know who you think deserves the Reader's Choice Award! Enjoy!

Now, it's your turn! Let us know who you think deserves the Reader’s Choice Award below!

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