The Crow reboot still has a director but perhaps not for long

I didn't realize we were still talking about THE CROW reboot.

But when you've got something like this that just won't friggin' die, it tends to pop back up on the radar from time to time and you're left with the surprise that this is all still a thing.

However, even after losing multiple directors and multiple stars along the way, THE CROW reboot keeps on coming. Not even the bankruptcy of Relativity Media has managed to slay this cursed project that no one seems to want. And that's because producer Edward Pressman keeps fighting for it. Just yesterday, he filed an objection to THE CROW being included as one of Relativity's assets as the studio heads for a sale.

According to Pressman, Relativity invested more than $7 million in the reboot, including $2.5 to exercise the options to acquire and keep the property’s sequel, prequel and remake rights. In 18 months, those rights revert back to Pressman if principal photography hasn't started (which would be three years from when the original agreement was signed).

Now how does Corin Hardy, the latest filmmaker who was set to try tackling THE CROW again, factor into all of this? Pressman claims in his filing that he's in danger of losing the services of the director of the picture … who is widely regarded as a key creative element. Thus, the production of the picture is imploding even as the time to make the picture is running out under the Crow contract.”

Pressman doesn't want any new bidder to be able to secure THE CROW for themselves, unless they guarantee they will finance and release the finished film as his contract stipulates. Essentially Pressman wants the ability to take the project elsewhere as the Relativity ship goes down rather than see a new buyer perhaps half-ass some sort of release just to keep the project under their banner.

I would have figured Hardy would have bolted by now, but apparently he's been sticking around in the hopes that things may resolve themselves for the better. But with all the complications created by Relativity's bankruptcy, it can't be too long before he eventually bids farewell to the project like so many before him.

Source: The Wrap



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