The first footage from World War Z finally appears online...

World War Z book cover... in the form of an ET tease for the full trailer that is set to drop later this week.  Which, if you're familiar at all with ET, is a mixed blessing.  Don't get me wrong - I'm thankful for the footage. I just don't need to hear the words "Brad Pitt versus an army of zombies" or "only one man can save the world" in the particular EW way.  So my recommendation, since you didn't ask but I happen to have watched the sneak peak already, is to do   it with the sound off.  Just take in the imagery and the visual storytelling, as it is plenty powerful on its own.  And then get pumped and prepped for the full trailer drop on Thursday.

And then we'll finally get to see what all the fuss is about.  We'll finally be able to make slightly-more-informed yet still-wild judgements about whether the adaptation was worth the wait.  And no matter what we think after watching it, I bet we'll all be that much more amped to check out the final product come June 21st, 2013.  From the looks of things, this is the sort of imagery that will benefit best from a big screen, so my question at this point becomes "which upcoming wide-release film is going to have this trailer attached?" Any suppositions?

Extra Tidbit: Not to jump on the criticism bandwagon straight off the bat, but while I dig the shot of the fast zombies climbing up the wall towards the end I can't help but think that the CGI used for the zombie mass moving (rolling?) down the hill is a bit dodgy.



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