The Hangover Part III keeps with tradition and picks a city as wild as Las Vegas or Bangkok

Hangover Part 2 banner

It has already been reported that THE HANGOVER PART III will "change the format and setting that was used in the first two films," and part of what that means may have been revealed with the scoop that PART III will film in three seperate cities. 

The first is LA, which is no doubt the location for the mental hospital which houses Zach Galifianakis' Alan at the start of the story.  Shooting will then move to Las Vegas followed by a jaunt, and here's the "wild city" bit, down to Tijuana.  Which leaves the door wide open for just about any shenanigan you can imagine.  

The Wolfpack will be back and once again severely dehydrated on May 24th, 2013.

Tijuana Nights theme party girls

Ladies from a "Hot Tijuana Nights" theme party held at the Moon Nightclub in Vegas

Extra Tidbit: “In one of the rooms we created a mock jail,” explained a marketing manager who helped organize Hot Tijuana Nights. “We hired models to arrest people, and then their friends had to take a tequila shot to get them out of jail.”
Source: Toronto Sun



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