Zach Galifianakis talks Hangover 3, inadvertently reveals the plot

There have been no shortage of "Zach Galifianakis Is Struggling With Stardom" articles as the actor/comedian has been out promoting THE HANGOVER, PART II. And as I'm sure you've heard, with the sequel being as successful as it was, Warner Bros. is itching to move ahead with the third and final film in the HANGOVER trilogy. The ever-reluctant Galifianakis sighs in a recent interview with Rolling Stone and says, "They want to do a Hangover III...I'm getting fricking phone calls already." I feel ya...

My main problem with THE HANGOVER, PART II was its insistence to follow the original film almost beat-for-beat. It wasn't not funny but it was almost like a director tried to make a reboot of the original but skew it as a thriller set in Thailand. Galifianakis however confirms that the upcoming film will ditch the hijinks-before-a-wedding formula for something slightly more different.

The actor tells Rolling Stone that the third film will start with his character Alan in a mental hospital following the events of the second movie. It's up to Phil, Stu and Doug to break him out, for reasons that aren't entirely clear.

Galifianakis admits it's just what he's heard the plot of the film would be and it's possible there would be some adjustments to that storyline (or that's just the first act and they're breaking him out for some larger, more nefarious purpose).

What do you think of the very likely possibility of a HANGOVER 3? And do you still get a laugh out of Galifianakis?

Source: Rolling Stone



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