The latest trailer for HBO's Westworld is here to set you free

HBO Westworld James Marsden Evan Rachel Wood

It's been a long time coming, but I've got just about everything crossed that HBO's Westworld will turn out to be just as deliciously bizarre as I'm hoping it is. Adapted from the Michael Crichton film of the same name, Westworld takes place at a futuristic theme park where "every human appetite, no matter how noble or depraved, can be indulged." Boasting a stellar cast which includes Anthony Hopkins, Ed Harris, Evan Rachel Wood, Jeffrey Wright, James Marsden, Thandie Newton and many more, Westworld might just have what it takes to become a worthy replacement for Game of Thrones. HBO has released a new trailer for the series which features quite the robotic uprising as well as some intriguing imagery.

The 1973 film is quite a lot of fun and I'd definitely recommend checking it out if you haven't, but it also didn't go too far beyond the "robots are trying to kill us" scenario; thankfully HBO's new series looks as though it will go quite a lot deeper than that. Westworld will debut on HBO on October 2, 2016.

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