The Leftovers' Margaret Qualley gets Adam Wingard's Death Note

If you haven't been watching Season 2 of THE LEFTOVERS on HBO, you've been missing out on another quality program the cable network has put into the television landscape. As an ensemble piece, each new episode has uncovered a different piece of the larger puzzle with a number of stellar performances to really build the show. One such contributor has been Margaret Qualley, who portrays Justin Thereoux's daughter Jill - a teenager with her own set of baggage to contend with following the sudden and unexplained departure of millions of people across the world. It's one of those underrated roles that helps craft the fabric of the series without being too showy, and, considering it's Qualley's first major role, she's done a good job with it.

Apparently I'm not the only one who has taken notice, as her work on THE LEFTOVERS has put her in a position to star as the female lead in Adam Wingard's upcoming DEATH NOTE. Starring opposite Nat Wolff, the horror film for Warner Bros. will have her right in the middle of a story about a student who comes across a supernatural notebook that allows him to kill anyone he wants by doing nothing more than writing their name. He then decides to go about cleaning up the world of those he deems evil, as a cop gives chase to ultimately stop what he's doing.

Qualley recently wrapped on Shane Black's THE NICE GUYS, so it's safe to say things are on the up and up for her career.

THE LEFTOVERS is currently in the middle of Season 2, airing Sundays at 9 p.m. on HBO.



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