Jon Favreau will bring The Lion King to life with live-action treatment

The first movie I ever remember loving is THE LION KING. As a child I gravitated to, well, everything. You could say loving that movie is what got me here. Now, in an appropriate example of the Circle of Life, I have lived long enough to report to you that along with CINDERELLA, JUNGLE BOOK and BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, THE LION KING will be the next movie to get the live-action treatment.

Walt Disney Studios confirmed that the movie will get the live-action(ish) treatment courtesy of Jon Favreau (THE JUNGLE BOOK). News is Favreau will probably be directing, and will most likely use the amazing visual effects he did on THE JUNGLE BOOK to make everything look as stunningly realistic as possible (as the movie contains no human characters). But the only other news we have is that the movie is being "fast tracked into production" and will have songs from the original animated movie, which already means it will be stupendous.

I can say, in my most humble opinion, that THE LION KING is the greatest animated movie ever made. Of course, I may be biased given what I said in the intro, but still. Accounting for the re-release a few years ago KING is the highest grossing hand-drawn animated movie of all time, and is only out-ranked by SHREK 2 and FINDING DORY on the all-time animated domestic list. So maybe I'm not being biased, because clearly everyone loves this beautiful [email protected] movie. Don't ruin my childhood, Favreau!

Stay tuned for all updates regarding THE LION KING live-action film.

Source: Disney



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