The Man in the High Castle to come to an end with its fourth season

As there are only so many hours in the day, you're rarely able to get around to doing everything you want to do, which goes for everything from chores to exercising and especially entertainment. There are an embarrassing number of wonderful TV shows and movies which we sadly just can't find the time for, and one which I've always meant to get into was The Man in the High Castle, an Amazon series based on the novel of the same name by Philip K. Dick. Taking place in an alternate version of 1962 in which the Axis powers have won World War II and have divided the United States into the Greater Nazi Reich, The Man in the High Castle has debuted three seasons on Amazon, and according to Deadline, the upcoming fourth season will bring the story to an epic conclusion. You can check out a trailer for that fourth and final season above.

"It has been a great privilege to work alongside our extraordinary High Castle team, in partnership with David Zucker and Scott Free, to bring my father’s classic novel to life, particularly during this tumultuous period in our real world," said Isa Dick Hackett, Philip K. Dick's daughter, in a statement. "I believe fans will be thrilled and satisfied by the epic conclusion we have in store for them." Amazon Studios boss Jennifer Salke added, "We are incredibly proud of all of the hard work from the massively talented executive producers, cast, crew, and everyone who has worked on The Man in the High Castle over the years. With production ongoing on our fourth and final season, we can’t wait for fans to see how this final chapter in the story unfolds." Although they're using this opportunity to bring the story to a close, producer David Zucker teased that there could be more of the saga of The Man in the High Castle.

While we’re bringing this chapter to a conclusion, if one thinks beyond the final frames of this series, it is very provocative to think about what stories may come thereafter. Whether or not we all get to tell them or they get told in another incarnation in film and television, that’s for us to all see. However, I don’t think you can look at this as an absolute culmination because of the nature of the stories that we’re telling with that.

The fourth and final season of The Man in the High Castle is expected to debut on Amazon this fall.

Source: AmazonDeadline



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