The sequel to World War Z lands an Impossible director

Ready for another WORLD WAR Z flick?

The hordes of the undead are on their way once more with director of THE IMPOSSIBLE and THE ORPHANAGE's J.A. Bayona. There's no word on what they have planned for the second installment in terms of plot. No writer is in place though Bayona will likely oversee the writing process as well.

Those of you who read WORLD WAR Z by Max Brooks were aware that the original material and what was actually in the film were quite different. The ending to the zombie tale was much less comforting, so to speak.

Pitt had previously met with Bayona when he was on the shortlist of helmers for the sequel. I'm wondering what they have planned. When it was first announced that they were adapting this, many of you thought that a miniseries would be more fitting for the material. There's plenty to do with it, and I'm sure that they will weave something worth bringing out the masses. Everyone likes zombies, right?

Extra Tidbit: Did you guys ever see this WWZ figure that was selling in stores?
Source: The Wrap



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