Producers "incredibly happy" with World War Z script; Fincher still in talks

Despite the fact it made a ton of cash ($540 million global), WORLD WAR Z’s massive budget made making a profit difficult, and thus a sequel has had trouble getting off the ground, as if it was a helicopter being held down by a horde of zombies. But talks around the second chapter have been picking up recently, and now word is the producers are just waiting to close a few deals, including one with Oscar-nominated director David Fincher

Speaking with Collider, producer David Ellison spoke about the plans for WORLD WAR Z 2, citing how they’re further along in the process, and hoping the acclaimed director will eventually take the gig:

There’s a script that we’re incredibly happy with, and it’s just getting a couple of key deals closed… We hope [Fincher] makes the movie.

This comes off news last month that Fincher was still interested in taking the gig, with reports saying he was “very much on board” and was “creatively interested” in taking on the movie with star Brad Pitt. Now it seems like that deal is still on the table, and are perhaps waiting on a few bit and bobs to be taken care of.  Dennis Kelly, writer of BLACK SEA and creator of Britain’s UTOPIA is said to have turned in the latest draft of the script.

For fans of Fincher this may seem like a pill-taking moment, but in all honesty it could be cool to see what he comes up with. He’s spent his career doing smaller films after making his feature film debut with ALIEN 3 all those years ago. Maybe he feels it’s time to try a big blockbuster again, testing his skills in the department. I thought the first WORLD movie was fun, but nothing more, so perhaps with this movie they’re trying to take it much more seriously, offering something grounded with a smaller budget. You don't need that many zombies...right?

Brad Pitt's WAR MACHINE arrives May 26.

Source: Collider



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