David Fincher is still interested in directing the World War Z sequel

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Just yesterday, Paramount axed both FRIDAY THE 13TH and WORLD WAR Z 2 from their 2017 schedule. In the case of FRIDAY THE 13TH, they shut down production completely, but the studio is still hoping to get the WORLD WAR Z sequel off the ground and into theaters by 2018 or 2019. J.A. Bayona (A MONSTERS CALLS) was initially slated to direct the film, but when he dropped out due to scheduling issues, there were rumblings that Brad Pitt was hoping that David Fincher would be up for the job.

THR reports that David Fincher is considering the gig as he is still "very creatively interested in directing the movie." It doesn't exactly seem like a project Fincher would take on, but I'd imagine that his close relationship with Brad Pitt has something to do with his ongoing involvement. The outlet further reports that Fincher is "very much on board" with the current take on the WORLD WAR Z sequel which originates from Dennis Kelly, creator of the British series Utopia. He's also looking to make the film with a budget less than the original's $190 million, but apparently Paramount chief Brad Grey still isn't ready to greenlight the sequel.

THR's source says that Fincher "really would like to do it" but that "it's up to Paramount." So, David Fincher is interested in taking the helm of WORLD WAR Z 2 and is willing to do so with a smaller budget, and Paramount is dragging their feet? Despite the rather surprisingly large box-office which WORLD WAR Z brought in, anticipation for the sequel hasn't exactly reached grand heights. I'd imagine that David Fincher's involvement would get people interested once again, but if he isn't enough to get Paramount to bite, then who is?

Source: THR



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