This new extended clip from The Dictator is a little bit "lacist"

No, that headline is not a typo. Check out the clip to find out why.

A good chunk of this new clip from THE DICTATOR has already been incorporated in the recent red band trailer as well as on Sacha Baron Cohen's various in character appearances on various television shows, but it is what comes before and after the subtitled helicopter ride that makes this worth viewing.

Time magazine recently reviewed of THE DICTATOR and put Admiral General Aladeen as the nicest of Cohen's alter egos. Up until just recently, there has been little attention paid to the actual plot of the movie involving Ben Kingsley's character deposing Aladeen and replacing him with a lookalike. The PRINCE AND THE PAUPER element has largely been absent from the advertising as has the fact that it is loosely based on a novel written by Saddam Hussein.

Either way, THE DICTATOR is looking funnier and funnier with each clip that I see. I will be checking it out when it opens this Wednesday, May 16th.

Source: Apple Trailers



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