Three Musketeers cross swords in first teaser trailer

It's news when Paul W.S. Anderson is making a movie that isn't RESIDENT EVIL related at this point, and if you've forgotten what that might look like, there's now a trailer for THE THREE MUSKETEERS.

It had me had dual octuple crossbows, or whatever the hell those things are in the first few seconds, but lost me when it plugged being in 3D no less than three times in a 90 second spot. I get that Anderson actually shoots his movies in 3D rather than upconverting, but I have yet to see a good feature in shitty Real 3D and I won't be shelling out for this one.

But outside of the obvious "3D" moments in the trailer, the action looks good and it's nice to see that Orlando Bloom isn't dead and Milla Jovovitch is still hot. Check it out below or see it in HD at Apple.

Extra Tidbit: This has nothing on THE THREE AMIGOS.
Source: Apple



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