TIME magazine does JoBlo.com!

Our site has been lucky enough to be getting more noticed over the past few years, with more quotes from the site on DVD covers, movie posters and TV commercials, and most recently, quotes in various publications including Variety, Hollywood Reporter and in the past month alone, the NY Times, the L.A. Times and Entertainment Weekly magazine. But it wasn't until this past weekend that my parents finally came to realize that "the shit I was doing in their garage" for all those years, might actually be amounting to something. That's right, TIME friggin' magazine wrote up an interesting piece entitled "Boys Who Like Toys" (great title!!) and it's all about how some online fansites, like JoBlo.com, are becoming today's new "tastemakers".

And yeah, that means you too!! (I always stress to you all how important it is to use the STRIKE BACKs below constructively, as "important people" are reading). The article itself is actually a great read -- even without our mentions -- as it pertains to pretty much all of us here. Even director Kevin Smith chimes in with an interesting quote: "Had I not gotten onto the Internet in 1995, I doubt I'd still be working."

I haven't had too much time to be introspective since I started the site back in 1998, but I gotta admit, I never thought I'd see my name associated with TIME magazine! Pretty crazy. Check out the entire article HERE, or buy it yourself on newsstands today. Oh, and did you ever think that you'd see this quote in TIME magazine (regarding SNAKES ON A PLANE): "We thought it was a stupid title, but we wanted to see it. There was swearing, snakes biting into breasts." Yeah, baby...snakes biting into breasts. I believe I've made my parents proud alright.

Extra Tidbit: I subscribe to a number of magazines myself included Maxim, Business 2.0, Wizard, Entertainment Weekly, Fortune and a number of others. Surprisingly though, no hockey mags.
Source: Time Magazine



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