Tommy Wiseau & Greg Sestero of The Room make new film titled Best F(r)iends

I love bad movies. From the films of Ed Wood, to BIRDEMIC, to Neil Breen's oeuvre, nothing's better than getting a few drinks with friends and riffing on that shit like you're stuck with Crow and Tom Servo on the Satellite of Love. But the thing is, for a bad movie to be worth spending time on, it has to be sincere. No self-aware SHARKNADO or MACHETE crap (it's fine if you like those films, it's just not my thing). Because, to me, appreciation of bad art has to transcend mere schadenfreude, since what makes truly bad movies as fascinating as the best prestige pictures is vision. Most truly wretched films are self-funded, without studio notes to soften its edges or make its plot make sense. The best of these types of films are usually pure id, and it's almost more fun dissecting what the hell the creators were thinking while watching it, as opposed to pointing out surface level shit like boom mics in the shot or bad lighting.

And the king of the terribly sincere, batshit id on celluloid is Tommy Wiseau and his magnum opus THE ROOM. The film came out of nowhere, and now quotes like "YOU'RE TEARING ME APART LISA!!!" and "I DID NOT HIT HER! I DID NOT!!! Oh hi, Mark", have almost become part of the everyday lexicon. I know I always quote THE ROOM in normal conversations (then again, they rarely let me go outside).

This brings us to a new film Tommy Wiseau made in secret called BEST F(R)IENDS with his producing partner and THE ROOM co-star Greg Sestero (who is also the author of THE DISASTER ARTIST about the making of THE ROOM, of which James Franco's MASTERPIECE is based on). It is, however, not directed by Tommy Wiseau (unfortunately) nor Sestero, but rather some guy named Gary Fong.

Anyway, without further ado, here's the trailer:

That actually doesn't look that bad. I mean, it doesn't look good per se, but it's got some nice shots (that drone shot at the beginning of the trailer was neat) and seems to know how to use Tommy (at least he's supposed to be a weirdo). Sestero, however, is still really wooden, but even then I feel he has a certain "aw, shucks" charisma that could work for this film. Even the story - about morticians who get rich stealing gold teeth from cadavers, which then leads to crime, betrayal, and possibly murder - has the potential to be legitimately good. We'll see.

No release date has been set for BEST F(R)IENDS (unfortunately), but Wiseau and Sestero are both seeking out distributors with hopes for a theatrical release. Fingers crossed it comes sooner than later, I need this movie in my life.

Extra Tidbit: Tommy Wiseau shot THE ROOM with both film cameras *and* HD cameras at the same time, because he didn't know there was a difference.
Source: THR



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