Universal Pictures wants director James Wan for Fast and Furious 7

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After Justin Lin officially decided not to direct FAST AND FURIOUS 7 several names surfaced as potential replacements such as Baltasar Kormakur (CONTRABAND), Jeff Wadlow (KICK-ASS 2), and Brad Furman (THE LINCOLN LAWYER). Universal has decided not to go with any of those directors and their selection is a little outside of the box.

Deadline is reporting that James Wan and Universal Pictures are in talks to bring the director on board for the seventh film in the franchise. The two sides are currently negotiating and a deal could be made by the end of the week. Wan is an interesting choice since his previous films have almost all been horror films that have small budgets but clearly Universal has noticed the success he's had with SAW and INSIDIOUS.

Although Justin Lin won't be back to direct FAST AND FURIOUS 7 he's pleased with Universal's decision to go with James Wan:

I’m extremely proud to be part of the Fast franchise, it is an experience I will always treasure. It’s time for me to move on to other things and I’m thrilled that Universal and Neal have selected James Wan to lead the franchise into its new chapter.

The only thing we know for certain about FAST AND FURIOUS 7 is that Vin Diesel (who is also producing the film) and Paul Walker will be back but now that a director has been named and Universal wants the next film in the series to be made ASAP things could come together very quickly.

FAST AND FURIOUS 6 is in theaters May 24th, 2013 and you can check out James Wan's latest film THE CONJURING on July 19th, 2013.

Extra Tidbit: So what do you think? Is James Wan a good choice for FAST AND FURIOUS 7?
Source: Deadline



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