UPDATE: Terence Malick's Knight of Cups gets a crazy new trailer

UPDATE: The trailer for KNIGHT OF CUPS is now online. You can find the embed below.

Terence Malick films are the closest thing we have to Stanley Kubrick movies these days. Every Malick film is unique and the secretive nature of the director makes it difficult to pin down just what to expect from his movies. That along with the sporadic nature of when his films gets released means that we could go decades before seeing another movie. But, over the last five years we have already seen THE TREE OF LIFE and 2012's TO THE WONDER. Now, we are on the verge of another.

Malick's KNIGHT OF CUPS has been in production almost since TO THE WONDER but it appears we will finally see the movie that stars Christian Bale, Cate Blanchett, and Natalie Portman at the upcoming Berlin International Film Festival in February. That likely means the movie will be released sometime in 2015, assuming Malick doesn't pull it back and hold onto it for another few years as he tweaks and excises entire performances as he has been known to do in the past.

Not much is known about the plot of KNIGHT OF CUPS aside from the fact that it deals with "temptation, celebrity, and excess". What we do know is that the film has a massive cast that also includes Isabel Lucas, Teresa Palmer, Joe Manganiello, Jasmine Dustin, Joel Kinnaman, Nicky Whelan, Freida Pinto, Antonio Banderas, Nick Offerman, Imogen Poots, Wes Bentley, Thomas Lennon, Shea Whigham, Michael Wincott, Jocelin Donahue, Ryan O'Neal, and Katia Winter. Stay tuned for more as we get closer to the festival that is set to run February 5-15th, 2015.

Now that the trailer has been revealed, KNIGHT OF CUPS looks vastly different than anything we have ever seen from Terence Malick. This looks like a slick thriller rather than a contemplative drama. Bale looks solid, as does Cate Blanchett, and there is a great deal of sexy going on here in the form of Imogen Poots. I spotted Jason Clarke in there, too, so who knows what the final cast will actually consist of.

Source: Deadline



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