Viggo Mortensen and Lance Henriksen talk Falling, drama and directing!

Generally speaking, early year film releases run the gamut between cheap drama and lackluster horror films. Yet 2021 is already a little different. If you are looking for emotionally charged flicks that will break your heart, it's not hard to discover them as of late. One such feature is the intensely personal and heartbreakingly explosive directorial debut from Viggo Mortensen called FALLING (read our review here). Co-starring the great Lance Henriksen, this story of a son dealing with his abusive father as he faces challenges of getting older is a shockingly potent and honest look at a family struggling.  Instead of playing it safe, Mr. Mortensen has written and directed a movie that will connect to viewers in a deeply profound, yet extremely challening way; it's quite a moving experience to take in.

We had the great honor of speaking with both Mr. Mortensen and Mr. Henriksen, and it was as you may expect, an absolute pleasure. Watching the film I was almost terrified by the ferocity that Lance brings to his role, so much so that it was slightly intimidating sitting down with him. That quickly changed as Lance is incredibly kind and sincere with his answers. The actor discussed playing this challenging role, all the while avoiding making him overly sympathetic. As talented as the man is, this may very well be his best performance to date. As well, the exceptionally talented and sweet-natured Viggo opened up about trying to make this film for years, with all the challenges of directing your first feature. The two have made a provocative and stunning drama, Falling will break your heart yet it's an unforgettable film on many levels. This complex and emotional film opens this Friday in select theatres as well as digitally and on-demand.

Source: JoBlo.com

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