Vin Diesel is the fuel in The Machine

After RISE OF THE MACHINES, Vin Diesel was the subject of rumors and fan-casting as a possible cyborg replacement if the TERMINATOR franchise continued without Arnie.

That obviously never happened (even though it might've been cooler than the McG model we got), but Diesel will be a different, more sensitive kind of robot in THE MACHINE.

In the MGM action-comedy, Diesel will play (?) a human-like machine "created in secrecy by the Pentagon as the world's first true ultimate weapon. Twenty years after the project was buried and decommissioned for reasons unknown, The Machine is discovered by a kid who befriends him. When the government learns it has been reactivated, the Machine must protect the family harboring him."

The script comes from "Reno 911!" and "The State" veterans Thomas Lennon and Robert Ben Garant, who also wrote the NIGHT AT THE MUSEUMs and Diesel's family flick THE PACIFIER. Diesel will also produce THE MACHINE.

Extra Tidbit: Looks like Riddick fans who were hoping Diesel's FAST FIVE success would mean we'd get RIDDICK 3 next will have to wait a bit longer...
Source: Heat Vision



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