Watch Scarlett Johansson punch a guy across water in Ghost in the Shell clip

Next week will see the end of a busy March with the release of the highly anticipated BOSS BABY. Wait, I meant GHOST IN THE SHELL (or did I?), and with the movie so near a bevy of clips have started dropping, and one ready for your viewing pleasure it the much-advertised water fight. Featuring a skin-suit-clad Scarlett Johansson bringing the pain to what I can assume is a crackhead in the future. She’s here, then she’s gone! Here, gone! Where is she? No one knows!!

Never is it fair to judge a clip out of context, and as a sample of the whole movie, but looking at this as merely a clip I gotta say I’m not all that impressed. Yes, the visual effects are great, but I’m not a fan off all the slo-mo. Again, maybe it will all mesh together in the final product, and there’s very little that can keep me away from Johansson bashing some fools.

GHOST IN THE SHELL arrives March 31.

Source: Paramount



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