We interview Bryce Dallas Howard, BD Wong, & more for Jurassic World

Recently, I ventured to Hawaii to revisit the sets of JURASSIC WORLD for the blu-ray press tour and in-between the back-and-forth island travel to the various locales, managed to sit down and chat with some of the film's stars, including Bryce Dallas Howard, BD Wong, Nick Robinson, and Ty Simpkins. We'll be debuting a full video with my set visit exploits on Monday, but until then you can see my interviews with the JW crew below.

First up is Bryce Dallas Howard, who was, for lack of a better word, just delightful. Howard talked about her role as Claire and addressed her character's future after director Colin Trevorrow said that she would "evolve the most" over the course of the planned trilogy. We also talk about her first experience with the original JURASSIC PARK and how much is sucks being back in Hawaii.

Next up is BD Wong, who has gone from regular science guy to full-on Bond villain for JURASSIC WORLD as Dr. Henry Wu. He was a welcome addition to the cast, especially as one of the only returning actors from the original, and definitely one who grew into a very different kind of character. We talk about his first experience seeing JURASSIC PARK (spotting a trend here?), his thoughts on how Dr. Henry Wu feels about himself by the end of JURASSIC WORLD, and his hopes for coming back for more sequels.

Last up is Nick Robinson and Ty Simpkins, who play Zach and Gray, respectively. We talk about their first experience with JURASSIC PARK, obviously a belated experience for them given their age, what it was like to create their own iconic JURASSIC WORLD moment with the gyrosphere scene, and how they bonded prior to shooting to create their brotherly relationship.

Check back on Monday for my journey back to the island where I check out the I-Rex paddock, gyrosphere landing, and Gentle Giants Petting Zoo. Oh, and capture Bryce Dallas Howard dancing at a luau.

JURASSIC WORLD is now available on digital HD and hits Blu-Ray/DVD on October 20th. PREORDER HERE!

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