Will Barry White be the subject of Joel Schumacher's next film?

If you're a fan of velvety voiced mood setter Barry White... then I'm sorry to be reporting this news.

According to Pajiba's "Hollywood Cog" insider, much derided filmmaker Joel Schumacher (TWELVE, PHONE BOOTH, THE BATFILMS OF WHICH WE SHALL NOT SPEAK) has apparently signed on for THE BARRY WHITE STORY, a film that's surprisingly not a biopic. It might actually be worse.

Per Pajiba: "The pitch, which comes out of the Hollywood Gangs Production company, is in the vein of SHE’S OUT OF MY LEAGUE, and it’s about the ghost of Barry White teaching some loser kid how to channel him to get a girl." The ghost of Barry White? The GHOST? Jesus f*cking Christ, people.

No word on when the film will move forward. Schumacher's current theatrical release, TWELVE, is bombing something fierce at the box office... it's only made $183,920 since August 19th ($110,238 in its opening weekend)!
Extra Tidbit: Man, I love that Whacking Day episode from "The Simpsons".
Source: Pajiba



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