Will Ferrell & John C. Reilly become best friends again for Holmes & Watson

will ferrell, john c reilly, step brothers

Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly are back at it again as best friends. No... It won't be the much-wanted STEP BROTHERS sequel that fans have been calling for, but they will bring a similar comedic approach to Arthur Conan Doyle's well-known characters of Sherlock Holmes and his dear Watson. 

HOLMES & WATSON will reunite the TALLADEGA NIGHTS duo for a PG-13 laugher over at Sony with Ferrell taking the part of the famed detective and Reilly playing his wingman. The project was originally conceived with Sacha Baron Cohen in the Watson role, but the film was never quite able to get off the ground. However, in recent weeks, new life was breathed into the idea with Reilly filling the void and presenting an opportunity for him and Ferrell to work together again, something they've been trying to make happen for the right project.

Etan Cohen will direct with an eye on rolling into production sometime after Thanksgiving, meaning we could see this film as soon as next year, and that's fine by me. As a STEP BROTHERS die-hard, I look forward to seeing how that dynamic may enter into this material, and given how the Robert Downey Jr.-led SHERLOCK HOLMES franchise is seemingly in limbo over at Warner Bros., this may be the right take to fill that void. 


Extra Tidbit: This is a house of learned doctors.
Source: Deadline



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