Will Ferrell's Ron Burgundy hits the airwaves in trailer for new podcast

In a world where everyone and their stepmom has their own podcast it only makes sense for the man with a voice that could make a wolverine purr, Ron Burgundy, to have his own as well, and thankfully, that time is nigh. Will Ferrell is reprising his iconic ANCHORMAN character for a 12-episode podcast, THE RON BURGUNDY PODCAST, which will air this month, and now you can get a taste of what the man with a voice as smooth as fine Scotch sounds like on the airwaves.

A co-production between iHeartRadio and Funny or Die, this is the first major project Ferrell has done as Burgundy since the 2013 sequel to ANCHORMAN – ANCHORMAN: THE LEGEND CONTINUES. While talks of a third movie have been mentioned over the years nothing has materialized, and lord knows the massive amount of hype for the sequel may have been too hard to live up to back then. Doing a podcast as the character seems like the best way to continue on, letting Ferrell riff with other guests as Burgundy. The legendary newsman may be afraid of podcasts, but trust us, it’s will do wonders for him.

You can also listen to an audio-only trailer here, which is probably more accurate when it comes to hearing what he sounds like in podcast form.

THE RON BURGUNDY PODCAST airs its first episode on February 7 and will air new episodes every Thursday after.

Source: iHeartRadio



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