Will Robert Downey Jr. play Pinocchio AND Geppetto for Ben Stiller?

Robert Downey Jr./Pinocchio

Robert Downey Jr. has been interested in doing a new movie based on the classic story Pinocchio for a while now. At one point Tim Burton was attached to the film, but now Ben Stiller might direct the new take on the character. When Burton was still a possibility to direct the film, RDJ was going to play Geppetto. It made sense, even if the actor is a little younger looking than most versions we've seen of the character.

However, Ben Stiller hasn't been confirmed as the director and the project is still being developed. That includes new drafts for the script and ideas from Stiller and Downey. According to Bleeding Cool, one of those ideas is for Robert Downey Jr. to play Geppetto and Pinocchio in the new film.

I suppose if the film will have CGI with live-action RDJ could voice Pinocchio while playing Geppetto, but I have mixed feelings about this. If it was almost anyone else but Robert Downey Jr. I'd probably be even less optimistic, but I could see him pulling off playing both characters.

I am very glad Tim Burton is no longer attached to it though. I think most of us have a pretty good idea of how "Tim Burton's Pinocchio" would look, and I'm much more interested in seeing what Ben Stiller will do visually with the story, especially where he hasn't directed a film with fantasy/fairy tale elements in it.

I don't know if we need another retelling of Pinocchio, but if it's going to happen this is probably the best option. And although I'm not sold on Robert Downey Jr. playing both parts, it would be interesting as hell to see RDJ playing off of..uh..himself.

Extra Tidbit: I am legally required to remind everyone to avoid Roberto Benigni's Pinocchio for (mental) health and safety reasons, whenever the character is mentioned in any article.
Source: Bleeding Cool



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