Will Sam Raimi direct a remake of Poltergeist? Carrie to feature found footage?

While Roger Birnbaum, CEO of MGM was at his alma mater, the University of Denver to speak to the film history and production classes, he dropped some info on upcoming projects.

The first topic of discussion was the remake of CARRIE starring Chloe Moretz. Turns out that they've decided to do a movie partially made up with "found footage". This would include interviews with Carrie's classmates recalling what happened that terrifying prom night. As I said, the movie won't be only made up of found footage. The interviews will serve as a framing device. Kimberly Peirce (BOYS DON'T CRY) is the one responsible for helming this remake.

Next, Birnbaum moved on to a remake of POLTERGEIST. The MGM head mentioned that Sam Raimi was currently in talks to direct. Apparently, Birnbaum didn't tread too deeply on this one. It's still early and may not even be likely that Raimi will take the job. However, he might stay on as a producer or something of the like.

While I love the original, I think that a redo from Raimi would be pretty interesting. Say what you will, but I like this franchise enough that I even enjoyed the third one. No shame here.

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