World War Z sequel gets back on track as it moves forward with a new writer

Given the issues which it experienced during production, it's remarkable how perfectly adequate WORLD WAR Z ended up being. The film isn't nearly as bad as some people claim, nor as good as others seem to think it is, but rather, it's a reasonably entertaining waste of two hours which offers up one or two interesting ideas as well as a handful of fun visuals. A WORLD WAR Z sequel has been in the works since the first film premiered but, much like the first, it has experienced its own production issues. However, the film may finally be getting back on track and, according to THR, we may have the JURASSIC WORLD sequel to thank for that.

Dennis Kelly (Utopia) has been brought on-board to script a new draft of the film, apparently to keep the sequel's director happy. J.A. Bayona has been on-board to direct the WORLD WAR Z sequel for several years, but recent rumours have hinted that he was being eyed to direct the follow-up to JURASSIC WORLD. THR reports that while the director has a holding deal in place for WORLD WAR Z 2, interest from another studio was enough to light a fire under Paramount and get production moving forward once again. The pre-existing draft was turned in by Steven Knight (LOCKE) this August, who had previously said that the sequel would be "starting with a clean slate."

WORLD WAR Z 2 is set for a June 9, 2017 release.

Source: THR



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