Would you give up everything for a second chance? Kurt Russell's Touchback trailer

Just when you thought you had seen every football movie, someone decided to add time travel into the mix! No, it won't be via a Delorean, or a blue telephone booth. But it could be a magic football!

TOUCHBACK follows Brian Presley as Scott Murphy, an injured player who is given a chance to go back and relive his greatest game. A game that caused him a near-crippling injury, and left him with a bad leg.

Presley travels back to 1991, and gets to relive the moments surrounding that game with his coach, played by Kurt Russell. With a chance to relive the past, will Scott find a way to change his future?

The trailer's strengths are Kurt Russell's coaching, and the football action. Hopefully the film will use the time travel aspect to put a unique spin on a well-worn story that we have seen many times across the sports genre.

The film stars costars Marc Blucas, and Christine Lahti, and opens in limited release on April 13th, 2012.

Source: Yahoo Movies



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