Would you play a Boondock Saints video game?

I know it’s cool to hate on BOONDOCK SAINTS these days, but I am an admitted fan of the original, as I suspect many of you out there are as well. And I also presume many of you were pretty disappointed with the lackluster follow up the original movie last year. Julie Benz? Ugh.

So, in lieu of a third film, director Troy Duffy is looking for a new way for fans to get a fresh take on the series. Annnnd it’s a video game. Uh oh.

"We're thinking of making a video game out of Boondock and I went and listened to these guys pitch me the game and they had already done some programming," Duffy tells Reuters. "They had already built part of the game and I got to play it."

"The Boondock fan base wants to have a beer with the MacManus brothers and then pick up a weapon and fight. With a video game you can increase that kind of intimacy, where they can actually be the brothers and hang out and do some shooting and have some fun."

Yes, it would be cool to have a GOOD Boondock Saints game, but seeing as major studios with hundreds of millions of dollars can barely craft worthwhile FPS games these days, I don’t hold out much hope for a lower budget Saints title. Plus there’s the generally accurate “movies don’t make good video games” curse, rivaled only by the “video games don’t make good movies” one.

So, would you play a Boondock Saints video game?

Extra Tidbit: I think my favorite movie-based games were a few of the LOTR titles. Those were pretty decent hack and slashes.
Source: Reuters



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