Updated: Wesley Snipes and Seth Rollins to lead WWE Studios into Temple

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Wesley Snipes is about to lead WWE Studios into TEMPLE with the help of former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins.

Snipes has been cast as the lead in what will be the first film for WWE Studios under their partnership with Gene Simmons. The newly-created Erebus Pictures was built to deal specifically in horror movies and TEMPLE fits right into that vision. A team of highly trained operatives are stranded within an isolated military compound after its A.I. goes offline. Once that happens, the squad begins to experience some strange occurences as they look to solve what happened to the previous team sent in. Hmmm... Could we have something EVENT HORIZON happening here?

Snipes will lead that team, with Anne Heche, Dave Annable and the aforementioned Rollins filling the obligatory spot in a WWE Studios picture for a WWE Superstar. With Rollins in the midst of recovering from a knee injury late last year that put him on the shelf, this would seem to be the perfect time to take advantage of his in-ring hiatus to get him in one of these movies.

John Stockwell will be behind the camera to direct, and TEMPLE certainly has some name value to draw some eyes, but the big question that I'm really curious to have answered is "What does a Gene Simmons-approved horror movie look like?" I guess we'll find out eventually.

Source: WWE Studios



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