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Hear My Song
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Directed by: Peter Chelsom

Cast: Brian Flanagan Constance Cowley Marie Mullen Phil Kelly

Studio: Miramax

Genre: Music, Drama

Official Site: N/A

Release Date: 1991-12-27 (wide)


The film is based loosely on the life of the Irish Tenor, Josef Locke (1917-1999), played by Ned Beatty. The film's exposition begins in Liverpool's Irish community, with Micky O'Neil (Adrian Dunbar) running Hartley's Night Club. Micky is a bit of a rogue, and although he considers Nancy Doyle (Tara Fitzgerald) his girl friend, he seems conflicted in saying "I love you". Following a disastrous love scene, where Nancy briefly shows us all, Micky attempts to win Nancy by booking a series of impostors, including Franc Cinatra (Joe Cuddy) and Mr X (William Hootkins), a Josef Locke impersonator -- who travels under the 'X' since the real Josef Locke is wanted in England for tax evasion. When Micky finds that Nancy's Mum Cathleen (Shirley Ann Field) was Josef Locke's special girl in the 1950's -- he tries to hook them up. Another disastrous love scene (no nudity), and Micky loses his job -- vowing to find the real Joe and bring him back to England from his exile in Ireland to perform for Cathleen and thereby to win back Nancy. The rest of the film covers Micky's search in the beautiful emerald isle, with a triumphant final performance of the real Joe at the about-to-be-torn-down Hartley's. The tunes are classic Locke, although sung by Vernon Midgley. (There is a CD of the same name with original Josef Locke's voice with recordings of 25 of Locke standards). The closing minutes of the film have the bulldog policeman Jim Abbott (David McCallum) closing in on Joe -- "Is it or isn't it?" the motto of Mr. X. belies the ending where the final scam plays out.

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