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Into the West
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Directed by: Mike Newell

Cast: Gabriel Byrne Ellen Barkin Ciaran Fitzgerald Rúaidhrí Conroy

Studio: Miramax

Genre: Family, Adventure

Official Site: N/A

Release Date: 1993-09-17 (wide)


A gigantic white stallion appears mysteriously to a Traveller grandfather and his two grandsons in an Irish slum. Since, puzzlingly, the younger of the two boys is the only individual who can control the horse, ownership falls to him and his older brother by default. There being no place for the animal, they move him into the apartment of their alcoholic Traveller father. Police remove him and, in a shady deal, he ends up under control of a wealthy, underhanded horse breeder. The boys manage to retrieve him and escape on his back, but the stallion seems to have his own travelling agenda.

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