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Hurricane Streets
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Directed by: Morgan Freeman

Cast: Brendan Sexton III Lynn Cohen David Frank Antoine McLean L.M. Carson Isidra Vega

Studio: MGM

Genre: Drama

Official Site: http://www.hurricanestreets.com

Release Date: 1998-01-09 (wide)


A stark portrait of kids living on the edge, Hurricane Streets focuses on one teenagers fight to change the circumstances of his life. Brendan sexton III delivers a powerful performance in the central role of Marcus, a street-smart teen who dreams of the day that he can escape the city trap and live with his mother in the wide open spaces of New Mexico. In the meantime, he and his friends have found a lucrative sideline - shoplifting from local stores and selling the goods to kids at a discount. His buddies want to try their hand at bigger crimes, the money is tempting, but the risk is too high. Besides, he's met a girl, Melena, the only ray of sunshine in his bleak world.

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