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Mystery Men
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Directed by: Kinka Usher

Cast: Hank Azaria Claire Forlani Janeane Garofalo Greg Kinnear William H. Macy Kel Mitchel Paul Reubens Geoffrey Rush Ben Stiller Wes Studi

Studio: Universal Pictures

Genre: Comedy

Official Site: N/A

Release Date: 1999-08-06 (wide)


Roy (Ben Stiller) has a dead-end job at a Junkyard that constanly tests his ability to control his violent temper. Jeffrey (Hank Azaria) lives at home with his mother, where he spends his time locked in his room, burning incense and throwing forks and spoons at pretend attackers. Clad in his son's baseball vest and roller-blading kneepads, Eddie (William H. Macy) is an expert at wielding a shovel. He desperately longs for support from his family, but instead is teased by his children and scolded by his wife. By day, they are blue-collar workers. By night, Roy, Jeffrey and Eddie become Mr. Furious, The Blue Raja and The Shoveler, combing the streets in search of any villains to be found. They are soon joined by The Spleen (Paul Reubens), the victim of an old Gypsy woman's curse, who is now the purveyor of noxious fumes; Invisible Boy (Kel Mitchell), who after years of being overlooked has developed the power to turn invisible-only when no one else is looking; The Bowler (Janeane Garofalo), daughter of the late Carmine the Bowler, whose skill with a bowling ball leaves criminals shaking in her path; and The Sphinx (Wes Studi), a mysterious crime-fighter from down south, who has the power to slice guns in half with his mind.

When Champion City's resident superhero, Captain Amazing (Greg Kinnear), grows bored with crime-fighting, having already erradicated all the threats to the peace and well-being of the city, he arranges for his arch-nemesis, Casanova Frankenstein (Geoffrey Rush) to be released from the insane asylum. Casanova immediately captures Captain Amazing and has the destruction of Champion City in his sights. With no one else to count on, Champion City hopes for the cast of aspiring superheroes to save them...

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