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My Dog Skip
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After shy and introverted Willie Morris (Frankie Muniz) watches his local idol ship off to war, his mother decides that he needs a new friend and gives him a Jack Russel terrier puppy, that Willie delightedly names Skip, for his birthday. Skip's outgoing personality helps Willie to build a friendship with Rivers Applewhite (Caitlin Wachs), the prettiest girl in school. Skip then further serves as matchmaker for Willie and Rivers at the movie theater, and lends a paw after Willie is challenged by Big Boy Wilkinson (Bradley Coryell), Henjie Henick (Daylan Honeycutt) and Spit McGee (Cody Linley) to prove his worth in a football game. With Skip's canine help, Willie starts becoming "one of the boys."

But when Willie takes out his disappointment with his recently returned idol on Skip, the pup runs away. The dog's disappearance and subsequent recovery teach Willie the strength of forgiveness. Ultimately, it is a dog's love that teaches Willie Morris lifelong lessons of the human spirit.

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