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The Family Man
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Jack Campbell (Nicolas Cage) gets a second chance to reclaim love and life with the girl he loved and lost 13 years ago. After a strange interaction with a street-punk on Christmas Eve, Jack wakes up in a new and different life from that of a high-living and high-paid New York banker...as a suburban New Jersey father and husband to his long-lost Kate (Tea Leoni).

Jack is horrified. Somehow Jack Campbell businessman has become Jack Campbell the family man. Not only does he live in New Jersey and not New York, but he drives a minivan instead of a Ferrari. Instead of masterminding deals on Wall Street, he sells tires at a place called Big Ed's. His closet is filled with flannel shirts, rather than thousand dollar designer suits. As he reluctantly plays the role of suburban husband and father, he finds himself falling in love all over again with Kate and his new family. Is this really a "glimpse" of what could have been, or is this a second chance?

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