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Perfect Opposites
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Directed by: Matt Cooper

Cast: Martin Henderson Piper Perabo Jennifer Tilly Artie Lange Joe Pantoliano

Studio: MAC Releasing

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Official Site: http://www.perfectopposites.com

Release Date: 2004-02-06 (limited)


PERFECT OPPOSITES is a romantic comedy about a young couple facing that momentous transition between college and adult life. Drew, a charming and ambitious soon to be law school graduate (Henderson), falls in love with Julia (Perabo), a studious and self-assured college student, just two months before graduation. Not wanting to part ways, Drew spontaneously asks Julia to move cross country with him to Los Angeles where he has a job lined up at a prestigious entertainment law firm. Finding him too hard to resist, Julia decides to take the plunge and move with Drew, giving up her ad agency job and new apartment in Chicago.

A new chapter begins for the couple in Los Angeles. They forge a friendship with their brazen, outspoken neighbors, Elyse (Tilly) and Lenny (Lange), who periodically counsel Drew and Julia. However, trouble soon mars the young couple when Drew begins to resent Julia's longing to mimic Elyse and Lenny's "no-holds-barred" commitment to each other, not to mention the family they've started. Julia has complaints, too. Her boyfriend has developed a wandering eye, and seems insensitive to her plight of finding a job in a new city. Drew, a bit confused and a bit immature, focuses solely on his career even to the point of neglecting his studying for the bar exam. He becomes infatuated and immersed in the "Hollywood" scene, ultimately damaging his relationship with Julia. A downward spiral ensues in which Julia voices her displeasure, and Drew simply becomes more distant with each passing day. As tension between the two mounts, they are forces to re-examine their relationship, as well as themselves. We leave this painfully honest and accurate look at young love with the satisfaction that both Julia and Drew will benefit from every part of their union, the bitter and the sweet.