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Art School Confidential Posters & Wallpapers

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Art School Confidential
Pictures, Videos, Cast and Plot

Directed by: Terry Zwigoff

Cast: Max Minghella Sophia Myles Matt Keeslar John Malkovich Jim Broadbent Anjelica Huston Joel David Moore

Studio: Sony Pictures Classics

Genre: Comedy

Official Site: http://www.artschoolconfidentialmovie.com

Release Date: 2006-05-12 (wide)
2006-05-05 (limited)


Based on a comic story in Dan Clowes’ Eightball, Art School Confidential follows Jerome (Minghella), an art student who dreams of becoming the greatest artist in the world. Arriving as a freshman at a prestigious East Coast art school filled with every artsy “type” there is, Jerome quickly discovers his affected style and arrogance won’t get him very far. When he sees that a clueless jock is attracting the glory rightfully due him, he hatches an all-or-nothing plan to hit it big in the art world and win the heart of the most beautiful girl in the school.

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