Bad movie auteur Neil Breen selling career retrospective DVD

Last Updated on August 5, 2021

I've talked on this site before about my undying love of bad movies. I was raised on MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000, and it was the sole reason I'd get up on Saturday mornings (even cartoons I liked couldn't do that!) Also bad movies in the last few years have had a bit of renaissance, with classic cult bad movies and directors gaining prominence, such as Tommy Wiseau and THE ROOM or James Nguyen and BIRDEMIC.

But none are as batsh*t crazy or as wonderfully esoteric as Las Vegas real estate agent-turned-indie filmmaker Neil Breen. His movies defy genre, with movies like FATEFUL FINDINGS being at once a political thriller, a supernatural horror story, a superhero origin, and a David Lynchian surrealist dream. Not only that, but his indecipherable political leanings (which more than once land on "mass deaths are good actually") is fascinating, if sometimes uncomfortable. Also his trademark "have a bunch of laptops that are never on" never fails to illicit a laugh (at least from me).

But Breen, unlike a lot of his contemporaries, has amassed somewhat of a sizable catalog of films. He started his film making career in 2005 with the thriller DOUBLE DOWN (that uses Ed Wood-ian levels of stock footage), then made four more films, each more insane than the last: WE ARE HERE….NOW (no, that fourth ellipses is not a typo, where Breen is a robot Jesus), the aforementioned FATEFUL FINDINGS (where Breen is a super successful author, the best hacker in the world, and also a magical chosen one), PASS THRU (where Breen is again an all powerful being who kills a lot of people with magic), and finally TWISTED PAIR (where there are two Breens! Like GEMINI MAN, but somehow worse!)

Thankfully, Breen is now selling a five film retrospective of his illustrious career! From his official website:

And you purchase the DVD right now on his website.

So what do you guys think? Any fans of Neil Breen? If so, which is your favorite film (I'm partial to DOUBLE DOWN)? Either way, sound off below!

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